Web Hosting News


What is web hosting? It is the service required to make a website accessible online. To break it down, once you have made a website you are going to want it accessible to other people which means you need to publish your website, that is where a web hosting service comes in. A web hosting service is used to store your website information in web servers that are connected to a network.

Having a web hosting service means that when someone attempts to search for your URL (web address) the internet connects directly to the web server where your website is stored then relays the information back to the computer allowing your website to be viewed and surfed through easily.

There are loads of companies offering the best web hosting services online, but what truly makes a web host the best? There are free web hosts out there, however, these offer a limited amount of features that can cause access speeds to be slower and overall performance reliability to be sketchy. Paid web hosting might be the better choice since their terms specifically outline their performance abilities. Either way there are certain key points of interest you should check out and compare between web hosting servers before ultimately making a decision.

Dependable server uptime is very important, uptime is the amount of time when the server is functional and available for use. If you’re paying for the service you want to be positive your website stays up as much as possible, especially if you have a higher traffic flow or are running an online store, downtime can be very costly. Obviously there is not a single web host that can guarantee 100% uptime, but they should be able to give around 99%.

What is web hosting without having round the clock access to technical support. Web hosting can be a rather technical matter and eventually you are going to experience something that will require support. This is why it is very important to find a company with great customer support who are highly knowledgeable and more than willing to assist you in any problems that may arise. Checking out web hosting reviews or contacting the support staff and testing them with random technical questions will help in your decision to find the best web hosting company.

If you have already started the quest for web host chances are you’ve seen several web hosting reviews, some pretty common company names are BlueHost and HostGator. These are both highly recognized companies that have been in the business for several years. These companies are known for the many features they offer that website owners look for in a paid hosting service.

BlueHost Review

Started back in 1996, BlueHost quickly became a web hosting service with top-notch technical support, reasonable pricing, and other essential hosting features. This company has received thousands of reviews from users and critics worldwide, having been up and running for almost 20 years it’s obvious there are going to be plenty of bad BlueHost reviews.

Any website that has been online as long as BlueHost has will clearly have its fair share of ugly reviews, but the most common complaint I have seen from users is the CPU throttling issue. However, in 2010 a new group took over the company and soon after major reconditioning began to take place.

Today BlueHost is still one of the highest ranked web hosts and is the largest provider in the market, serving more than 2 million website holders worldwide. They redesigned their website in 2013 launching a new user-friendly service with instead of a single shared hosting plan you now have the option to choose between three different plans and three different levels of hosting service. Of course there is much to be said in a review it is always a good idea to check out the actual company itself to decide whether or not it is the best option for your website needs.

HostGator Review

This company is ranked high among web hosts, providing the tools needed to keep any type of website well-maintained and professional. HostGator offers customer support through several channels making it easier to get assistance in case you experience issues. They have the option to email support, seek social media support, or if you need a more prompt response they have customer support that can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week through phone contact or live chat. A great feature is they offer a 45-day money back guarantee giving you enough time to test the service and see how well it works for your needs.

A few things that might not be very appealing that HostGator reviews share are the weekly server back-ups, some people prefer a more repetitive back-up in order to save as much data as possible in the event the server malfunctions. The company does not offer cloud hosting either, although many web hosting companies don’t offer this feature it can cause many people to turn their heads when contemplating pros and cons about this specific company. Cloud hosting allows for more flexibility and stores data on multiple servers at a time clearly reducing the risk of data loss. However, there are several other features this company does offer it’s always better to compare companies through what you value as important features for your website.